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la cave se rebiffe
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Wine Bar / Table d'hôtes Dijon

57 rue Vannerie, 21000 Dijon - Bookings : 09 52 73 46 28 &
Monday to Sunday, from 18:30 to midnight


A slow maturation of ten years has been necessary before I opened this place, for I have taken my time to carefully survey the lands and vineyards, and sample its best restaurants and wine bars. Once you come to my place, you will get to eat and drink nothing but pure genius. I speak of course of all these farmers, wineries and artisans who, in their respective regions, make their products shine via their expertise, and without ever resorting to make-up or cheap tricks. Their words are full of wisdom: free-range, natural growth cycle, sustainable or organic agriculture; all have the most sincere approach and they have turned their back to the dead end of the intensive farming that was initiated in the 1970s and subsequently encouraged by the government.

The objective has been attained for many of them: exceptional products in terms of taste and a total respect of the consumer.

La Cave se Rebiffe

Unlike what its name suggests, La Cave se Rebiffe is a wine bar. The place is very friendly, with a table d'hôtes and a real counter awaiting your eager elbows. The name come from a french old classic comedy "The Counterfeiters of Paris".


Drinking wine is good but drinking wine while listening to Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, or Charlie Parker, to name only those musicians who enjoyed mingling notes and caudalies is better

Wines and Winemakers

Regarding wines, La Cave se Rebiffe has no dogma. We offer all the wines that we like, big and small names, stars wineries and young winemakers, organic, natural, or sustainable, only the glass will be the judge of peace.

  • Louis Boillot et fils
  • Gilles Ballorin
  • Jean Louis Trapet
  • Clos du Moulin
  • Olivier Jouan
  • Domaine Tardy et fils
  • Domaine Bart
  • S.Langoureau
  • Domaine Leflaive
  • Henri Boillot
  • Peter Hann
  • Vincent Rapet
  • Michel Coutoux
  • Pierre Morey
  • Jean Marc Joblot
  • Géraud Fromont
  • Guillaume Overnoy
  • Yann Bertrand
  • Louis Claude Desvignes
  • Jérôme Balmet
  • Stéphane Robert
  • Nicolas Maillet
  • Domaine Bonnefond
  • Château Rayas
  • Olivier Jullien
  • Jacques Maillet
  • Aymeric Hillaire
  • Philippe Garrey
  • Cyrille Vuillod
  • Jean Macle
  • Domaine Guillot Broux
  • Philippe Richy
  • Laura Semeria

and many more ...

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